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The conveyor belt is a machine designed and built to move solid materials unpacked.
Designed and built to operate in conjunction with other machines, being part of a complex. It consists of a metal frame, made of 4 mm thick hollow beam. The above frame carries along its entire length, every 1 m the stations of the rollers.
The stations of the rollers, and consequently the rows of the rollers, are denser at the receiving point of the transported product. Depending on the width of the belt and the load it is intended to carry, the rollers can be placed in pairs or triples on the stations. The carpet moves on these rollers, which acts as a platform and as a level of attraction for the transported material.

The carpet covers the entire length of the tape on both sides, while at both ends of the tape it is wrapped in two drums:

  1. the engine drum connected to the engine, lined with special non-slip rubber for better traction, and
  2. the return drum or “crazy” drum.

At the ends, near the drums, on the upper side towards the drive drum and on the lower side towards the return drum, the guide rollers are placed vertically, which additionally help in the straight movement of the carpet. On the side of the drive drum, a special scraper is placed outside to clean the rubber mat. On the side of the “crazy” drum, a triangular scraper is placed inside to clean the inside of the rubber mat. The drums are placed on special bases with elongated openings and adjusting cables, which act as tension tension regulators of the rubber band of the belt. Along the belt, on the side where the engine is located, a non-slip visit corridor is placed, with a relevant ladder and railings, for easy access of the maintenance and control personnel. The upper part of the belt is covered with special metal canopies, to avoid product loss and pollution of the surrounding area.
If requested, canopies are also placed at the bottom, along the entire length of the strip to avoid product loss and pollution of the surrounding area. At the bottom of the belt and at a height up to human access, protective grids are placed, to prevent and prevent accidents, according to the current safety regulations. Protective covers are also fitted to both drums.
On the material supply side and above the “crazy” drum, there is a special hooper with a rubber at the bottom, which leads the transported material to the belt, without losses. On the unloading side, there is a protective cover, specially designed, for the protection of the operator and for the safe guided unloading of the transported materials.
The conveyor belts are based on specially made metal pillars, equipped with adjusting cables. For transport, the long belts are mounted in hexameter pieces. The assembly of the parts is done on the ground, by specialized personnel, equipped with the necessary mechanical equipment.