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Many years of experience
in the field of Ready Concrete Production Machinery

STEFAS ERGON was founded by Evangelos Stefas, a man with rare and many years of experience in the dynamic and rapidly growing field of Construction Machinery, with the aim of establishing a modern construction company that will be active in trade. Provides solutions in the field of Ready-Mixed Concrete Production Machinery with highly specialized and experienced corporate staff and complete Concrete Production Complex Installation solutions

Our primary goal is to satisfy the requirements and needs of our customers based on their interest and the most modern technological solutions.

At the same time, we want to go beyond the traditional limits of cooperation between supplier and buyer. What we really want is to have a lasting relationship of trust and friendship, even after completing a project or a sale.

The continuation and utilization of the recipe of our success until today consists in one word – Stability:

  • to our timeless values;
  • in our philosophy;
  • in our continuous development.

Our motivation for the continuous development of the Company consists of the dynamic disposition for renewal and innovation!

We focus on researching construction solutions that ensure even more respect for the environment, reduce construction, transportation, installation and maintenance costs and are able to satisfy both large technical companies and smaller manufacturers. For this reason we have ensured the close cooperation of various private laboratories as well as the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Expansion into the European and International Market

It soon proved that the field of the Greek construction market was nothing but the springboard for the international activity of the Company, first in Europe and then in the wider international market.

European Market

In 1997 the Company started operating in all the Balkan countries – Albania, Skopje, Kosovo, Bulgaria as well as in Romania. The extremely successful collaborations methodically led in 2004 to the establishment of a dynamic and flexible sales network based in Bucharest and under the name STEFAS METAL CONSTRUCTION SRL

International Market

In 2009, the Company is ready for an even bolder opening in the international market. Extends its activities in North Africa and the Middle East (Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon). After a prominent presence at the Libya Build International Exhibition 2010 – 2012, STEFAS ERGON dynamically declares its presence with the placement in Tripoli, Libya of the famous technology giant in the production of ready-mixed concrete ERGO 100 with a production capacity of 130 m³ / h.

Compliance with European Standards

STEFAS ERGON EPE, as one of the most well-known and reliable construction companies in Greece, fully complies with the European Directive 98/37/EC as well as with the corresponding European Standards

View the European Standards

EN 292-1, EN 292-2 [Basic concepts, General Design Principles]

EN 294 [Safety distances to prevent dangerous zones from approaching from the upper extremities]

EN 349 [Minimum gaps to avoid crushing parts of the human body]

EN 811 [Safety distances to prevent the approach of the lower extremities in the danger zones]

EN 60204-1 [Electrical appliance equipment – Part 1: General requirements]

Complete Solutions

Concrete Production Complex Installation Phases


The success of a project is closely linked to the quality and depth of the plans drawn up.


We manufacture concrete production complexes exactly to the customer's measurements and according to his requirements ...


We undertake the installation of the unit in a vertical way, from the issuance of the permits to the installation and operation test.


We have for our customers individual spare parts, as well as continuous technical support through our specialized technicians.



Huge Aggregate Capacity



Increase in Unit Production Capacity


Energy saving

Saving Energy during the Operation of the Machine