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Weighing accuracy with robust quality constructions of all types and aim at the fidelity of transactions

Proper weighingis an integral part of every productive activity. Helps maintain the stock of raw materials (eg aggregates, additives, fuels, etc.) by accurately measuring receipts and shipments, monitoring the balance sheet of each company to consistently avoid mistakes and increase profitability.

STEFAS ERGON has extensive experience in the construction & installation of modern weighbridge in parallel with its main activities in the concrete & quarry industry.

Depending on the installation space and the desire of its customers, it offers weightbridges of all dimensions (5-18m.), In pit or surface (mixed constructions of metal and concrete) as well as entirely metal platforms, fully transported with a very easy process installation.

All weightbridges of STEFAS ERGON have suitable electronic weight sensors (dynamometers) of high precision, digital weighing terminal as well as a printer for computer scales. It is offered optionally, the ability to connect and operate with intelligent management software via PC with the ability to save & retrieve data whenever needed.

  1. General Characteristics of Weightbridge

1.1 Construction regulation

All construction (foundation and rolling platform) is calculated according to the regulations:

  • DIN 8119 or DIN 1072 relating to road bridges with a maximum axle load of 24t
  • Eurocodes 0,1, 2, 7 and 8
  • The regulation of concrete technology
  • The regulation of steel reinforcement of concrete
  • E.K.O.S. 2000
  • E.A.K. 2000

It has an EC type-approval certificate. issued by the Quality Policy department of the metrology policy department and accompanied by a manufacturer’s declaration of conformity.

1.2 Weighing accuracy

  • Overall weighing accuracy: ≤ 0,015%.
  • Repetition: 0,015%
  • Measurement uncertainty: 0,005%
  • Subdivision: 10kg
  • Sensitivity of points: ≤ ±0,015

Weighing accuracy is checked using standard weights at all points of the weightbridge and the same indication is achieved at all points of the weightbridge wherever the load (vehicle) is placed.

1.3 Proper function

For the correct operation of the electronic components of the weightbridge, the limits that exist in the specifications of the materials (correct use) must be observed in order to achieve their maximum life.

1.3.1 Operating temperature

  • Load cells: -40 οC – +80 οC
  • Scales: -10 οC – +40 οC
  • Error per 0C : 0,0008%

1.3.2 Operating humidity

  • Indicator: up to 90% RH / Relative Humidity
  • Printer: up to 80% RH / Relative Humidity
  • Load cells: degree of protection against moisture IP68

Connection box: degree of protection against moisture IP65