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  • Ready-mixed concrete production units
  • Aggregates for washing and crushing aggregates
  • Cement production machines
  • Asphalt machines
  • Concrete laboratory equipment
  • Wide range of crushers


Αδμήτου 27 Εύοσμος 56224 Θεσσαλονίκη, Ελλάδα +30 2310 755 318

Μηχανήματα Παραγωγής Σκυροδέματος - StefasErgon


The success of a project is closely linked to the quality and depth of the plans drawn up. At STEFASERGON we carry out a detailed overview of the design of each plan and each aspect of the projects we undertake, in order to respond with absolute success to their implementation, always according to the spatial and financial needs of our customers. Design activities at STEFASERGON start “from the customer’s voice”, an analysis of the customer’s needs, which are translated into technical factors and operation and maintenance plans. Therefore, the ability to design and produce high quality products that meet a real need at a competitive price, has been for 25 consecutive years and remains to this day the primary goal of STEFASERGON.

In the first phase of a project life cycle, complete plans are drawn up which include:
• Detailed design of mechanical system and its layout at the customer’s place.
• Final machine performance requirements.
• Detailed emergency plans for high risk activities.

At STEFASERGON we firmly believe that the design of the machine, its manufacturing processes and technical support must be integrated, so that the construction technology is compatible with the complexity of the product and all training requirements are identified and met before the production stage.