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  • Ready-mixed concrete production units
  • Aggregates for washing and crushing aggregates
  • Cement production machines
  • Asphalt machines
  • Concrete laboratory equipment
  • Wide range of crushers


Αδμήτου 27 Εύοσμος 56224 Θεσσαλονίκη, Ελλάδα +30 2310 755 318

Μηχανήματα Παραγωγής Σκυροδέματος - StefasErgon


The primary concern of our company is the service of our customer to continue after the sale of the concrete production complex. At STEFASERGON we develop facilities in an integrated way, starting from the design of the entire unit, the issuance of the required permits and installation plans but mainly in the installation and testing of its units to achieve their proper operation and the simultaneous training of their future operators.

Following this strategy and having 100% successful and functional facilities we managed to build a stable relationship with all our customers for the benefit of both, exceeding the traditional customer supplier limits.