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Μηχανήματα Παραγωγής Σκυροδέματος - StefasErgon


Technological systemsare also subject to the rules of wear and tear over time and in order to be able to continue to perform their role as originally specified, they first need to be carefully maintained and at some point replaced.
Our many years of experience in the construction machinery industry has led to the development of contingency plans as a valuable measure to prevent possible future damage.

At STEFASERGON we undertake to provide directly to our customers individual spare parts, as well as continuous technical support through our specialized technicians. The short delivery time, the quality of the spare parts at competitive prices is our main goal.

STEFASERGON always recommends to its customers the preventive maintenance of technological systems in order to increase their average lifespan and minimize the risk of damage, thus ensuring the lowest possible maintenance and replacement costs.